PSYC 319: Practicum in Psychology

This online course will complement and enhance students' professional experience at a psychology-related workplace. Students will synthesize, analyze, and link theories and principles in psychology to professional practice. They will critically examine career skills and long-term goals, build a professional portfolio, and reflect upon experiences at the worksite.  As part of the course, students must complete at least 40 hours per credit hour of supervised work at an approved site in addition to the online coursework.

This class is open to students with at least 9 credit hours in PSYC courses and permission of the instructor. Any student wishing to obtain more information about the course should contact Dr. Jennifer Wilhelm.

PSYC 397: Internship Experience

This course provides students interested in the application of psychological theories and principles the opportunity to have an applied learning experience in a pre-approved agency or organization. The learning experience will be guided by an individualized learning contract which will specify the academic and work components of the experience.

This class is only open to

  • junior or senior psychology majors
  • 3.0 overall GPA and a 3.0 GPA in the major
  • Completion of PSYC 211 and 220 (or PSYC 250) required
  • Special consideration will be given to students with more credits in Psychology and students who have successfully completed (at least some of) our Core-A courses.

Enrollment in the course is made on a competitive basis. If you are interested in applying for this course, you must attend an informational session during the preceding semester. These informational sessions will be announced in several ways (e.g., through the PSYC Majors listerv). Any student wishing to obtain more information about the course should contact Dr. Sarah Robertson.

PSYC 397 Information Sessions

Please follow our social media on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for information regarding future  information sessions or contact Dr. Sarah Robertson for information.