James Hittner, Ph.D. - Software Page

The ReadMe files are HTML files that describe the software program and, if applicable, indicate the peer-reviewed journal in which the software program announcement was published.

The programs with a “.exe” extension are MS-DOS programs. For Windows 7 (and later), from which Microsoft has deleted MS-DOS, you can use an emulation program called DOSBox to successfully run these programs. See www.dosbox.com for download instructions and additional information.

Click on links below to download software.

Depcor Depcor ReadMe
Malg Malg ReadMe
Hetcor Hetcor ReadMe
Pwcor Pwcor ReadMe
Depcorr Depcorr ReadMe
Incor Incor ReadMe
Darhub Darhub ReadMe
Conbin Conbin ReadMe
Conbin (FORTRAN)